Prerequisite You should have installed Node.js (version 18.10.0 or higher).


Novel’s codebase is set up in a monorepo (via Turborepo) and is fully open-source on GitHub.

Here’s the monorepo structure:

├── docs
├── web
├── headless
├── tailwind-config

Step 1: Local setup

First, clone the Novel repo

git clone

Run the following command to install the dependencies:

pnpm i

Install Mintlify CLI (for docs server):

pnpm i -g mintlify

Step 2: Start the development server

Finally, you can start the development server. This will build the packages + start the app servers.

pnpm dev

Step 3: Use Generative AI Local (Optional)

You can use Ollama to run your local AI server.

# You cand find the config in the web app